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Griefed! Interview-cast with Against the Wall Creator Michael P Consoli


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Things are getting pretty real. Today, on a very special mini episode of Griefed!, Against the Wall creator, programmer, designer, and all around good dude Michael Consoli (that’s @MichaelPConsoli on twitter) chats with us for a little while about his game, others he’s been playing, music he’s been listening to while programming, alien panthers, his Kickstarter,  GDC, the upcoming PAX, the subtly differences between human hermaphrodites (if they can be called that, listen to find out why!) and hermaphrodites of other species, along with a whole bunch more! Recorded on March 26th 2012 and featuring the song Kioko by Modern Major Generals. Apologies about the poor sound quality at times.

If you haven’t seen Against the Wall yet you should really check it out. There is currently an alpha build of the game on the website, which is where you can preorder the game from as well. It’s a very cool, mesmerizing, and almost hypnotic at times puzzle game about an infinite wall that you climb up by activating the blocks that construct it. Definitely check it out at: and check out the video below.