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Lana Del Rey done better by people other than Lana Del Rey


Who would have thunk a song called “Video Games” would have fans turn into songs really related to video games? Kotaku over the last week or so has posted links to some great takes on Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games.”

The video up top comes from Jenny Bede who channels Del Rey into a forlorn Princess Peach crooning about settling for Luigi (aw cmon guys he isn’t so bad, he traps ghosts)and letting Mario go. It incorporates everything from” Mario Kart” to ”Super Mario All Stars.”I can honestly say I’ve never heard the phrase “frog suit” be so touching.

Then we have the take from chiptune maestro Leeni doing an 8 bit version.  This one recreates everything (video down below) with some great bleeps and bloops.

Bottom line both surpass the original in my opinion. I know we’re all sick of Lana Del Rey by now (love her or hate her) but the more chip tunes and narrative sad Mario related songs the better.

Now if someone could only do the Goo Goo Doll’s “iris” from the perspective of Toad.

Article Sources 1 and 2 from Kotaku

Leeni on Bandcamp

Skyrim and Impromptu Concert Live Stream OVER


Thanks for all who joined in and for asking me to play a couple of songs! And here is a list of all the people (in alphabetical order):
Alex, thank you.
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See you guys in 2012!

Short Wave Gamin #1: I Buy Too Many Games


University of Calgary Video Game Library (not mine...yet)
University of Calgary Video Game Library (not mine...yet)

Since Halo: Reach has come out I’ve amassed a collection of games that will last me well beyond the end of the year, but I haven’t stopped purchasing them and I don’t play on stopping either. I haven’t written about any of them yet but I plan on writing about all of them (sorry everyone). First there was Reach, then NHL 11 & Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions, oh yeah BlazBlu: Calamity Trigger and Death Spank: Thongs of Virtue before all of those, then there was also Castlevania: Lords of Shadows, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, L4D: The Sacrifice DLC, Breath of Death VII, Comic Jumper, Sonic 4 Episode 1… I think that’s it. However, I’ve already preordered Fallout: New Vegas from amazon (with my $20 credit from Reach, score!), and I plan on downloading Costume Quest on the xbox market place, Kirby’s Epic Yarn on Sunday is a must, I’m hearing great things about Vanquish, I might see if there’s a midnight sale for the Sly Cooper Collection…I need to stop. What I need, most of all, is to sit down and play the games. I don’t have as much time as I used to, so it makes it more difficult. A few years ago I would have been ripping through these games, but not so much any more. Is that growing up? No, it’s just spending too much on games and not being level headed enough to say, “no” everyone once in a while. Actually, it sounds more like regression.