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SWG: Do I hate or love GTA?


I’m very much conflicted. I never actually played the original GTA, GTA2 or London until well after I played through GTA3. It was 3 that really drew me into the game, more so than Vice City, San Andreas or GTA4. I never really got into 4 at all so I decided to try again recently, thinking maybe since it had been so long I would find myself enjoying all of Liberty City again, blasting Lazlo and having lots of illegal fun in the crazy sandbox.  And yes I know that GTA4 came out what feels like 4500 years ago. There were few if any bad reviews to be found for GTA4 and I felt like I was missing something. So here was my experience re-entering GTA4.

Started from the beginning, picked up my cousin drove him whenver that was, listened to him talk for a while, fade to black, fade into my apartment of me standing there just having received a new mission to go pick up the person I just left 4 seconds ago in real time. This is GTA so I decide to steal a car, the handling of this one sucks so I drive it into a beam, the owner of the car then pulls me out and starts fighting me and a civilian from the sidewalk comes to help him out too. Trying to fight off two guys just wasn’t working, plus the cops were coming so I jump into the car and take off driving right past the police who promptly turn on their sirens and chase after me. I quickly lose the police, and just as I’m about to drive out of the police circle on the map to where I would be home free, right at the fucking edge of the circle there is another cop, and so the circle is relocated. This same sceneio continues to happen for 15 minutes to the point where I say to myself, “They’re not gonna take me alive,” ditch my car, run up to the top of the nearest building and hurl myself off the roof.

Then I shut the game off and haven’t touched it again in 3 weeks.

Of course then I started Chinatown Wars for the PSP yesterday on the train to take the place of Monster Hunter. Maybe I should just calm down.