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Griefed! Podcast #10: Licensed Games


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It’s that time again! Look at us! Three podcast in one week, this time no special guests. Just boring old Alex and myself. This week we tackle Licensed Games, Silent Hill, Out There Somewhere, Stealth Bastard, games that bring Alex shame, Tony Hawk and a whole bunch more than I cannot for the life of me remember, this week on Griefed! Recorded on March 28th 2012 and featuring the shitty song Talking to People Scares the Shit out of Me by yours truly.

Griefed Interviewcast – Pwnee Studios on Cloudberry Kingdom


Masochistic platformers have been some of the best indie games in the last couple years. Pwnee Games is bringing us one of the most promising we’ve seen in a long time. Cloudberry Kingdom is fully randomized and has carnage for up to four players. They boast more possible levels than particles in the universe thanks to the algorithm created by Jordan Fisher. Tigs and I got the chance to play it a little while ago and it was a lot of fun. We got the chance to talk with Jordan and business and marketing head honcho at Pwnee Michael Suswal and hear about how this project came to be and some exciting places it’s going.

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Does it hold up? Bully and The Bourne Conspiracy













Since getting hacked a week ago I haven’t had a credit card to buy new games. Thus leaving me to dive back into my back catalog of random purchases through the years, some of which got little love. I found two such games the other day Bully: Scholarship Edition from Rockstar Games  and The Bourne Conspiracy from High Moon Studios (the folks that brought us War for Cybertron) and published by now defunct Sierra. A lot has changed this generation so are these three or four year old games worth playing now? Let’s find out!

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Griefed! Interview-cast with Against the Wall Creator Michael P Consoli


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Things are getting pretty real. Today, on a very special mini episode of Griefed!, Against the Wall creator, programmer, designer, and all around good dude Michael Consoli (that’s @MichaelPConsoli on twitter) chats with us for a little while about his game, others he’s been playing, music he’s been listening to while programming, alien panthers, his Kickstarter,  GDC, the upcoming PAX, the subtly differences between human hermaphrodites (if they can be called that, listen to find out why!) and hermaphrodites of other species, along with a whole bunch more! Recorded on March 26th 2012 and featuring the song Kioko by Modern Major Generals. Apologies about the poor sound quality at times.

If you haven’t seen Against the Wall yet you should really check it out. There is currently an alpha build of the game on the website, which is where you can preorder the game from as well. It’s a very cool, mesmerizing, and almost hypnotic at times puzzle game about an infinite wall that you climb up by activating the blocks that construct it. Definitely check it out at: and check out the video below.




Warner Brothers may have sent Joystiq the above image teasing a new Spy Vs. Spy game but they sent me a nice little present in turn. Regardless of actual quality I have fond memories of that game and hope that this new one can live up to any impossible nostalgic standards I may have set. Judging from the bomb and the doors it looks like this is going to be some sort of variation of the old Spy Vs. Spy formula (Joystiq postures possibly a remake) . It’s currently being developed by Robots & Pencils who are iOS developers.

Now let’s get that petition for a Monroe game going people!

Source: Joystiq


Nyan Cat Fever: Exclusive interview with 21st Street Games


Cats are an integral part of our shared internet heritage. One developer here in New York City has been doing their darndest to make some of the craziest cat related games that you can imagine. 21st Street Games’ first foray into felines was Techno Kitten Adventure. Like Robot Unicorn Attack there are addictive techno songs that make you giggle as much as tap your foot. It’s single touch and relies more on navigating through a maze of stars, hearts, submarines and just about anything else you can imagine. Oh and also the screen will pulse, flash, flip, reverse and occasionally shoot a rainbow or two just to mess with you. Nyan Cat Adventure which is coming to iOS today after being a bestseller on Xbox Live Indie Games is a deeper side scrolling platformer. It does however share the simular trapping of Techno Kitten being deceptively simple and then finding a way to grief you. From there Nyan  I got to sit down and touch with Creative Director Brian Ferrara and the Head of Marketing Melissa Fassetta. That got to give me the inside scoop on what it was like making a game for one internet’s favorite cats. I also get a very special exclusive that some other internet cat is going to having a game from them very soon. Hmmm now who could that be? Enjoy the interview and be sure to check on Nyan Cat Adventure on iOS the lite is free the whole game only sets you back .99 cents. Techno Kitten also has a new expansion that for iOS users is .99 cents (feat. pop artist Ron English). I

The transcript and entire audio version can also be found down below after the jump.

Alex Koveos: You guys have an exciting new game coming out tomorrow Nyan Cat Adventure

Brian Ferrara: I’ll let Melissa give the …(pitch for it)

Melissa Fassetta: We do. Nyan Cat Adventure has been out for Xbox Live Indie Game since December its been top selling everyday since release and we are finally bringing it to iOS. Its going to be universal on ipod, ipad and iphone there a lite version and the full version and you get the full version for .99 cents which has new Nyans(exclusive to the iOS version) from the creator of Nyan Cat Chris Torres the PR Guitar Man.

BF: there will be more exclusive Nyans Its like tied in being a non bootleg Nyan App we get the actual creator of Nyan Cat and get access to new Nyans

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Griefed! Podcast #9: FPS’


What’s up everyone! We’re back for another edition of the Griefed! Podcast! This week Alex and I discuss first person shooters, the state of Maryland, 21st Street Games, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City and much much more! Recorded on March 21st 2012 and featuring the song Blow Up by Lightning Crabs.

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Johnny Tigs’ Top 5 Favorite Games to Play Wasted


Alright, so here I am drinking alone in the hotel bar of the Columbia Courtyard Marriot in Maryland, talkin to Alex, McShane and Rafe on gchat when Alex gives me the brilliant idea to write a drunk post about my favorite games to play wasted. So Ill continue to drink as I write this, hopefully the auto correct does its job.

5. Metal Slug X (PSX)

screen shot from the

Maybe I’m biased because I just purchased it and have been playing recently, specifically for this trip. There is nothing quite like ripping through wave upon wave of goofy animated enemy architype charicatures and towering robotic machines, saving bum like hostages who will gratefully hand you a weapon upgrade from under their coat like some back alley munitions dealer. Infinite continues, multiplayer, arcade run and gun fun that cannot be equaled.

4. Guitar Hero 2 (PS2)

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I was never huge into Rock Band because by the time it was released I was already spent on the music game genre because of Guitar Hero 2. GH2 improved upon the original in every way, everything worked better, the hammer ons felt real, the chords seemed right, the timing was perfect and the set list. Oh the set list. John the Fisherman, YYZ, Heart-Shaped Box, War Pigs, Hanger 18, Instituionalized, Jessica, Killing in the Name, Miserlou, Psychobilly Freakout, Free Bird, Search and Destroy, Salvation and Who Was In My Room Last Night. Sounds like the perfect night to me.

3. Unreal Championship (Xbox)

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Boosting way more wasted play time than Halo, UC was the favorite amongst us looking to play online against hoards of loser teens, unemployed futurists, the unfullfilled and wasted sophomores. The game play was so fast that you wouldn’t even realize you had died and respawned while you were running your mouth off to some over zealous, entitled brat, who also happens to be the one who killed you. It brought the feeling of the shit talking lan party with your friends to anywhere you were with anyone who was around. Trust yourself and the gun will do all the work. Don’t stop shooting, pick up everything, kill anything, keep talking and always always twirling.

2. SSX Tricky (PS2)

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3am, 4am, 5am, 5pm, wait what just happened. That’s right. You’ve been playing SSX Tricky for the last 14 hours with 5 of your friends. You are the one who can do the trick levels, one of them does the racing levels, the rest watch and play inbetween. While you two are resting. Playing, watching, living, breathing, that is what tricky was all about. So when its 3am and you’re attempting a million point trick, you go outside to a woman crying at a picnic table, are then shoo’ed away by her friend even though you only wanted to smoke, head back up to the 7th floor, get the millie and head back outside for a victory lap and its all quiet in the rest of the world except for you and your mountain, then you’ll know.

1. Rez (PS2, DC)

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Well this is a no brainer. More so than its spiritual sequel, which was too full of everything to leave your imagination to run wild with the simple visuals, Rez brought us to a world we never thought we’d see. Building carefully upon each stage before it until the final truth is revealed about ourselves and our universe, the work of a master was aparent. The beats were perfect, the grid was trippy, the game play was simple yet intense, my friends with epilepsy had to leave the room. All the makings of a great game in one package. In the age of the verge of the internet Rez made you think about what was happening, or made you om being bored with the world because it let you know everything would be ok. Floating disco balls would possess us from now on. The trail had been left. No one would ever forget the experience that this game shared with the world. It looked like nothing before it, played like the games we remembered with an aher of individualuity, and sounded like the meaning of life. Creating the music from your actions you were the composser. Nothing could stop you. Except what ever the fuck was getting in your way. What was the game about again?

I’m gonna go play Metal Slug

I totally missed this trailer for Bit.Trip Runner 2


Gaijin Games’ Bit.Trip series is some of the best retro inspired gameplay we’ve gotten over the last couple years. It should come as no surprise they are coming back with Bit.Trip Runner 2 it’s called… wait for it…
wait for it…
Runner 2!

Ok maybe that part isn’t revolutionary but they have changed the art style a little bit from the more pixelated look to 3D character models (thus are we tripping on less bits explaining the subtle name change?). The music still sounds and gameplay still looks great so I’m sure the artstyle may grow on us. But it is good to see Commander Video again.

Source: Kotaku

The Mass Effect FPS that almost was


OK as if more weird things couldn’t have happened with Mass Effect it would revealed in Geoff Keighley’s Ipad app The Final Hours of Mass Effect there was at one time a team based FPS created in the Mass Effect universe. It was called “Mass Effect Team Assault” and you’ll  never have your hands on it.

Keighley reports that they were looking to “to create a standalone multiplayer experience in the Mass Effect universe that would mix the play styles of Unreal Tournament and Battlefield 1943 — and likely be released as a downloadable game.”

It was apparently in development for four months and was created due to the lack of the engine being able to support a co op mode. As one could imagine this was the genesis for the co op mode we see in “Mass Effect 3” today. From what we’ve seen it definitely stays in line with the Mass Effect aesthetic and it could be interesting the use bionic powers in first person. Also it appears from further shots that vehicles would have played a part (no Mako please), mining was also no where to be seen.

It’s hard to say if it would have been any good  but gosh darn would it have been interesting to play.

Source and more images: Kotaku

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