It’s as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were forced to do a dance minigame


So in post from io9 of an off screen video taken by I got my first taste of “Kinect Star Wars” beyond the Jedi battle mode. When shown at E3 over the last couple years it seemed well OK. Since the dawn of motion controlled games I think many nerds like me has held on to hope saying  “holy shit we are gonna get the best Star Wars games now!”

Those hoping though for a hardcore motion Star Wars experience though will probably have to wait a bit longer. The latest from the galaxy far far away is a mini game collection for the Kinect. That doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. “Happy Action Theater” is a hoot with the right group of people. But from what I’ve seen in the video there is the Jedi mode (where on rails you slash at droids and use hand motions to push them and such), Podracing (pretty self explanatory from what I’ve seen holding your hands up and pretending to race), a Rancor mode (where one takes the role of a Rancor and just stomps around and breaks stuff, perhaps best played to Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff) then last and probably least there is a dancing game. It comes reminiscent of  “Just Dance” and “Dance Central.” Cards show on the the side of the screen and you do your best to match them. You take the avatar of slave girls in Jabba’s palace and most notably of those Slave Leia.

For me that’s just not the experience I want to have with a Star Wars game. In fact it just feels kind of weird. I don’t want to take the role of an enslaved woman having to dance for her captors. Not only that but I imagine dancing to the cantina music will get grating after a while, exploitation aside. I’m a big fan actually of  “Dance Central” but I would love it if the Kinect which can do some really cool things was pushed in even more new and innovative ways.

Of course this isn’t a game necessarily made for me. The older Star Wars fan still hanging on to fandom after years now mainly content with poking holes in things just can’t always expect everything to be made for us and that is actually OK. Older fans like myself have to keep in mind there is a different generation out there of Star Wars fans, and their Star Wars is much different than ours. We care about the dark depressing side of things and analyzing it to death and they may actually not mind Jar Jar.

Currently the Star Wars game for my demographic is the Old Republic, which is a good. It would be nice to have something more arcadey and on consoles to scratch that itch. Who knows though? The Jedi abilities in this may scratch that itch I’ve been waiting almost six years for. However, it’s too bad when my reason for playing something has moved from interest and hope to morbid curiosity. Developer Terminal Reality (of Bloodrayne fame and the recent Ghostbusters game) is doing their best to appeal to a wide range of fans with this game but clearly I may not a young enough padawan to probably get much if any enjoyment.

However we will find out how strong the Force is with Kinect Star Wars when it lands April 3rd 2012 in the US.
Source:  io9

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