Lana Del Rey done better by people other than Lana Del Rey


Who would have thunk a song called “Video Games” would have fans turn into songs really related to video games? Kotaku over the last week or so has posted links to some great takes on Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games.”

The video up top comes from Jenny Bede who channels Del Rey into a forlorn Princess Peach crooning about settling for Luigi (aw cmon guys he isn’t so bad, he traps ghosts)and letting Mario go. It incorporates everything from” Mario Kart” to ”Super Mario All Stars.”I can honestly say I’ve never heard the phrase “frog suit” be so touching.

Then we have the take from chiptune maestro Leeni doing an 8 bit version.  This one recreates everything (video down below) with some great bleeps and bloops.

Bottom line both surpass the original in my opinion. I know we’re all sick of Lana Del Rey by now (love her or hate her) but the more chip tunes and narrative sad Mario related songs the better.

Now if someone could only do the Goo Goo Doll’s “iris” from the perspective of Toad.

Article Sources 1 and 2 from Kotaku

Leeni on Bandcamp


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  1. lana del rey can’t even perform her own material properly.

    thank god the rest of us can.

    toad’s version of iris has got to be the sexiest thing i can imagine.


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