Short Wave Gamin: Blizzcon Update #2: Watching Starcraft 2 Is Like Crack


Yeah, that’s right. It’s fucking amazing. Go watch some of the RTS tournament, well maybe don’t. Depending on what you think about Starcraft 2. If you’re a fan of SC2 or RTS games in general, you have to check out the games that have happened, particularly Boxer vs Fruit Dealer. Alright, the next round is starting.


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  1. Wonderful article man. I really could not explain enough just how much I adore Sc 2. Now i haven’t had this game for very long however the recent strategies for Terran, Protoss as well as Zerg which I come to know every single day keep me passionate about that video game! I even buyed Strategy Guides that helped to put together several pieces of the puzzle. There are so many small tips and tricks giving one an edge over the other gamers in the event you know any of them… video game is great! BTW for everybody who’s curious: I discovered a post with really good build orders for Terran, Protoss and Zerg – just click on my name. (Added it in the commenting URL area)

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