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Nyan Cat Fever: Exclusive interview with 21st Street Games


Cats are an integral part of our shared internet heritage. One developer here in New York City has been doing their darndest to make some of the craziest cat related games that you can imagine. 21st Street Games’ first foray into felines was Techno Kitten Adventure. Like Robot Unicorn Attack there are addictive techno songs that make you giggle as much as tap your foot. It’s single touch and relies more on navigating through a maze of stars, hearts, submarines and just about anything else you can imagine. Oh and also the screen will pulse, flash, flip, reverse and occasionally shoot a rainbow or two just to mess with you. Nyan Cat Adventure which is coming to iOS today after being a bestseller on Xbox Live Indie Games is a deeper side scrolling platformer. It does however share the simular trapping of Techno Kitten being deceptively simple and then finding a way to grief you. From there Nyan  I got to sit down and touch with Creative Director Brian Ferrara and the Head of Marketing Melissa Fassetta. That got to give me the inside scoop on what it was like making a game for one internet’s favorite cats. I also get a very special exclusive that some other internet cat is going to having a game from them very soon. Hmmm now who could that be? Enjoy the interview and be sure to check on Nyan Cat Adventure on iOS the lite is free the whole game only sets you back .99 cents. Techno Kitten also has a new expansion that for iOS users is .99 cents (feat. pop artist Ron English). I

The transcript and entire audio version can also be found down below after the jump.

Alex Koveos: You guys have an exciting new game coming out tomorrow Nyan Cat Adventure

Brian Ferrara: I’ll let Melissa give the …(pitch for it)

Melissa Fassetta: We do. Nyan Cat Adventure has been out for Xbox Live Indie Game since December its been top selling everyday since release and we are finally bringing it to iOS. Its going to be universal on ipod, ipad and iphone there a lite version and the full version and you get the full version for .99 cents which has new Nyans(exclusive to the iOS version) from the creator of Nyan Cat Chris Torres the PR Guitar Man.

BF: there will be more exclusive Nyans Its like tied in being a non bootleg Nyan App we get the actual creator of Nyan Cat and get access to new Nyans

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Griefed! Podcast #9: FPS’


What’s up everyone! We’re back for another edition of the Griefed! Podcast! This week Alex and I discuss first person shooters, the state of Maryland, 21st Street Games, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City and much much more! Recorded on March 21st 2012 and featuring the song Blow Up by Lightning Crabs.

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