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Griefed! Mini 02-02-12 From the NYC Game Critics Circle Awards


How are you enjoying the week of Griefed! here on SWR? Not very much? Well maybe this will change your tune! Recorded in Washington Square Park immediately after the NYC Game Critics Circle Awards, join Alex and myself as we discuss the winners and the show. As an added BONUS included at the beginning of this podcast is Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett performing Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme) from the Bastion Soundtrack Live at the award show. Get the soundtrack here, it’s amazing: http://supergiantgames.bandcamp.com/

Griefed! Podcast #2: Protagonists


What!? A double dose of Griefed! in one week? That’s right. Expect the Game of the Year one shortly. But for now Alex and I discuss protagonists in games, motorcycle gangs, and as always Tony Hawk, in additon to whatever else comes up. Recorded on 02/01/12, apologies for the Skype issues at the beginning it gets better about 30 minuets in, and featuring the song Nathaniel the Coal Miner by Modern Major Generals.