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Short Wave Gamin: Blizzcon Update #2: Watching Starcraft 2 Is Like Crack


Yeah, that’s right. It’s fucking amazing. Go watch some of the RTS tournament, well maybe don’t. Depending on what you think about Starcraft 2. If you’re a fan of SC2 or RTS games in general, you have to check out the games that have happened, particularly Boxer vs Fruit Dealer. Alright, the next round is starting.

Short Wave Gamin: Blizzcon 2010 Update #1


Well I was a little underwhelmed with what was announced for Diablo 3. I guess we were all (I was kind of) hoping for a release date, but that’s not to take away with what was actually announced. The PvP Arenas do look pretty awesome and the Demon Hunter is more than likely what I’ll play, but I was still hoping for more. The Cataclysm trailer with all the extra effects looks and sounds amazing, almost amazing enough for me to reinstall, boot up, and travel back to Lightbringing, the one and only realm to be on. More to come later, I’ll be catching up with more of the videos later. Super psyched for the SC2 tournaments! I’m so lame.

Short Wave Gamin #3: Working For the Weekend Part 2


BlizzCon-2010-Oct-22-23-Anaheim-Convention-CenterI couldn’t come up with another title because I’m not creative, but here’s a question for you: what’s more important than CMJ? That’s right, BLIZZCON 2010! Opening Ceremonies start at 1:30pm Eastern Time, so get some Mountain Dew, fire up some Diablo, put your 20-sided die on the table, and get ready for the festivities. If you can’t be there (like me) I recommend the virtual ticket. DO IT.