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The best content in life is free but you can save it for DLC: The DLC Quest Review


As Discussed in the previous episode of the Griefed Podcast DLC is part of the gamer’s life now. Love it or hate it many of us ask ourselves everyday “is this complete?” The games we buy sometimes feel piecemeal, codes inundate us when we purchase new games. The marketplace online is packed with cosmetics, guns, extra XP and even the prospect of proper endings can be dangled over our eyes. “DLC Quest” decides to hold a mirror up to this and show us what a world with DLC gone wild could look like. Going Loud Studios act as our guide through their personal dystopia. It’s kinda like Mad Max but with more downloads and less Tina Turner.

As the Player we must rescue a Princess from the bad guy, something we all should be very familiar with by now. Then the twist comes right as one starts and it’s that everything in this game is DLC. Jumping is DLC, swords, and even pausing! Keep your credit card stowed, all the “dlc” is just unlockables via in games coins. But as the unlocks get more kooky you want to get coins to unlock everything just to see what silly, stupid thing you can add to the world. The platforming isn’t quest the best, neither is the sword you have at hand. But that’s not the point of the game, it’s in the message as weird as it sounds. The writing is also filled with jokes ranging from random encounters to Mass Effect character references. All definitely good for a chuckle or two. The visuals are retro and charming and the music (once unlocked) also does a good job of providing a nice throughback.

Coming from Xbox Live Indie many people have low expectations or may miss it entirely. But I do think this one is worth a look. “DLC Quest” is a goof, but a great one. Yeah the game itself is short and can be completed in much less than an hour. There are “awardments” to keep you going back a bit. For a dollar I don’t mind giving some money to a really clever indie developer. The subject is ripe for satire and they nail it. Sadly this reality could be closer than we think which makes me hope that the bigwigs see this somewhere out there. Needless to say if available I look forward to purchasing additional episodes and content soon over Xbox Live.

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Griefed! Podcast #5: DLC


It’s that time again! The latest episode of Griefed! is hot out of the over and ready for your consumption. Join Alex and Tigs, along with special guests Zack Broussard, Andrew Dunn and Peter Smith, as they discuss DLC in games, Harvey Danger, game boy screen magnifiers, the hypnotic activity of mining and a whole lot more on this episode of Griefed! Recorded on February 22nd 2012 and featuring the song Gasoline by Lightning Crabs.

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