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Walk This Way – Walking Dead Episode 1 Review



It seemed last year that Telltale Games may have lost some of their goodwill by releasing Jurassic Park which was for the most part lukewarmly received by critics and fans. They shifted their style for that from the classic Telltale adventure game format which has made their Sam and Max seasons as well as Monkey Island and Back to the Future great episodic content. Having completed the first episode of  The Walking Dead I can say fear no more Telltale has produced a worthy companion to the comic.

One thing that Jurassic Park was maligned for was relying too heavily on Heavy Rain esque non stop quick time events. Walking Dead really only borrows this for some of the more tense moments (such as backing away from and evading zombies) and for the most part it works pretty well. It seems to me that Walking Dead is the best parts of Back to the Future and Jurassic Park mechanics put together. Most of the time in controls like an adventure game you click on things and pick them up and use them with something else. The puzzles are not really abstract and for the most part are really easy by adventure game standards. Ultimately it helped keep the plot going so that was probably for the best. There are a couple really good sequences that barely count as puzzles but feature some brainpower. Combat sometimes happens a little fast to even notice and it can be out of no where your mouse is now a large crosshair that has to go on a zombie’s head to punch it. Having it be sudden and quick is kind of the way action is in the Walking Dead you think you’re safe and boom a zombie is there for a second and eats your family.


I have to say I didn’t think the story was going to be much good but it was surprisingly entertaining and has me looking forward to the next episode. You play as Lee a man who may or may not have really committed a crime and like most police transfers which never seem to go too well he’s getting transported and it’s zombies that break up this one. You come across Clementine, a little girl waiting for parents who as one could guess aren’t probably coming back. You of course meet up with different groups of survivors in different areas (some places and people of course you will recognize for them to justify the Walking Dead license). Much like what happens in zombie movies you find yourself displaced often and scrounging. Naturally as we go people turn out to be jerks, people get eaten, and those people probably become zombies. The plot is good and works this episode really more sets up Lee and Clementine and begins to give us our group. So far I like em, it’ll be too bad to watch them die and come back.

When you boot up the game it tells you that it changes based upon your decisions. I have to give it credit character choices do influence how people treat you as you run into them and get into sticky most likely zombie filled situations. I lied to a character and he caught me in and called me on it. I was nice to one and he called me a friend (I’m totally invited to his bday party). While some of these choices seem like the are just going to act as accents to dialogue and character treatment through the series you will also have to pick who lives and dies in some scenarios. It’s going to be interesting to see if my choices with this much more serious matter play a big role. I certainly hope so because having to do things like that is kind of what makes Rick Grimes the protagonist in the Walking Dead comic awesome, he has to deal with messed up stuff and in sometimes messed up ways. While Rick isn’t featured at all in the game other cast members seem to drift in and out. It’s a little unnecessary but for the most part unoffensive. I don’t need to have a stop at Hershel’s farm but sure why not I’ll hang out there for a day. They don’t seem to milk which is the best case scenario.

Walking Dead has a neat cell shaded art style that is a nice bit of a departure from Telltale’s usual cartoony look. Sadly on the PC not all the textures looked great, there would be dull blocky textures right next to really goodlooking hi res shaded ones. Also some character models look much better than others. The zombie models themselves aren’t the best but at least stay close to the source material. I had a few framerate hiccups running on the highest setting here and there once there were more than a few characters on screen.


Much like a zombie I am hungry but rather than brains I would like the next episode of the Walking Dead (I completed this one in two hours). It’s not 100% adventure game or 100% quick time events and that’s a good thing. Everything seems to fit well for the universe. The new characters even when tropes feel deep and have some genuine moments. The decision making mechanic cinches it though and actually makes you feel like you are having an impact in the world. It was great too that in the end they showed what percentage of places picked what. This of course is just episode one and hopefully the momentum keeps going. If you are a fan of Walking Dead or any kind of thinking man’s zombie entertainment you’ll do well to give this a shot, in the brain.




Warner Brothers may have sent Joystiq the above image teasing a new Spy Vs. Spy game but they sent me a nice little present in turn. Regardless of actual quality I have fond memories of that game and hope that this new one can live up to any impossible nostalgic standards I may have set. Judging from the bomb and the doors it looks like this is going to be some sort of variation of the old Spy Vs. Spy formula (Joystiq postures possibly a remake) . It’s currently being developed by Robots & Pencils who are iOS developers.

Now let’s get that petition for a Monroe game going people!

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Nyan Cat Fever: Exclusive interview with 21st Street Games


Cats are an integral part of our shared internet heritage. One developer here in New York City has been doing their darndest to make some of the craziest cat related games that you can imagine. 21st Street Games’ first foray into felines was Techno Kitten Adventure. Like Robot Unicorn Attack there are addictive techno songs that make you giggle as much as tap your foot. It’s single touch and relies more on navigating through a maze of stars, hearts, submarines and just about anything else you can imagine. Oh and also the screen will pulse, flash, flip, reverse and occasionally shoot a rainbow or two just to mess with you. Nyan Cat Adventure which is coming to iOS today after being a bestseller on Xbox Live Indie Games is a deeper side scrolling platformer. It does however share the simular trapping of Techno Kitten being deceptively simple and then finding a way to grief you. From there Nyan  I got to sit down and touch with Creative Director Brian Ferrara and the Head of Marketing Melissa Fassetta. That got to give me the inside scoop on what it was like making a game for one internet’s favorite cats. I also get a very special exclusive that some other internet cat is going to having a game from them very soon. Hmmm now who could that be? Enjoy the interview and be sure to check on Nyan Cat Adventure on iOS the lite is free the whole game only sets you back .99 cents. Techno Kitten also has a new expansion that for iOS users is .99 cents (feat. pop artist Ron English). I

The transcript and entire audio version can also be found down below after the jump.

Alex Koveos: You guys have an exciting new game coming out tomorrow Nyan Cat Adventure

Brian Ferrara: I’ll let Melissa give the …(pitch for it)

Melissa Fassetta: We do. Nyan Cat Adventure has been out for Xbox Live Indie Game since December its been top selling everyday since release and we are finally bringing it to iOS. Its going to be universal on ipod, ipad and iphone there a lite version and the full version and you get the full version for .99 cents which has new Nyans(exclusive to the iOS version) from the creator of Nyan Cat Chris Torres the PR Guitar Man.

BF: there will be more exclusive Nyans Its like tied in being a non bootleg Nyan App we get the actual creator of Nyan Cat and get access to new Nyans

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First teaser of Telltales Walking Dead game revealed!


IGN yesterday revealed the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Telltale developed Walking Dead game based upon the comic by Robert Kirkman and the AMC TV show.

We have yet to see much any gameplay (that gets revealed Monday) but we get a look at it graphically ( seems cell shaded and a little comic bookish which is always welcomed) and some insight on what could be the plot, trying to protect a girl named Clementine as already reported by Kotaku it will focus on a man named Lee taking her through the wasteland and there will be a lack of Rick Grimes.

Things of course being Walking Dead seem a bit bleak. Hopefully Telltale some better by this property than they did their Jurassic Park game which was pretty universally maligned. They announced so many projects last years it’s hard to see if maybe they are spreading themselves too thin as also reported this game will be coming to just about every platform under the sun. It would be great to have a bit of a non traditional zombie game as always zombies are just about everywhere now. Until then let’s keep our severed fingers crossed and wait until Monday.

Griefed! Podcast #8: iOS


Just when you thought it was safe to surf the internet, spotted close to shore is a new Griefed! Clear the digital beaches! This week Alex and I talk about the explosion of iOS games and the casual gamer as a viable share of the marketplace, dog sitting, four year olds and there harsh criticisms, Silent Hill: Downpour, Mass Effect, and a whole lot more on this episode of Griefed! Recorded on March 14th 2012 and featuring the song Champagne Taste by Modern Major Generals.

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