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Total Crash: Sony Closes Wipeout Creators Studio Liverpool


screen shot form wipeout HD

It is a sad day for games, indeed. Sony has closed Studio Liverpool, developers of the futuristic racing series Wipeout, after purchasing them 19 years ago (via gamesindustry.biz). The studio, originally named Psygnosis, has been around for almost 30 years.

If you’re not familiar with the Wipeout series it’s very similar is style and feel to F-Zero, hover cars racing around futuristic cities and tracks, and it always has an incredible soundtrack. Wipeout XL is heralded as one of the best titles for the original PSX and the company has been steadily putting out new titles over the years. The studio may, in recent years, be best known for Wipeout but they have a long list of incredible games including Lemmings and Destruction Derby.

From a Sony issues statment:

…it was felt that by focusing our investment plans on other Studios that are currently working on exciting new projects, we would be in a stronger position to offer the best possible content for our consumers. Our Liverpool Facility will continue to operate, housing a number of other vital WWS!E and SCEE Departments.

This closing has also brought news that the studio was working on a new Wipeout title that would have been released on the next-gen Sony console and the future of the game is currently unknown. It was said to be very far along in development which begs to ask why would you shut down this studio now, Sony? Did you not learn enough from your Vita launch that you need to have an abundance of games to choose from at start of a consoles lifespan or risk it being passed over. The promise of a new console just isn’t enough anymore to keep people coming back, and just because it’s a new Sony console doesn’t mean people are going to rush out to buy it without content. Wipeout has long been one of the staples of Sony console hardware, so I have to believe that they will release the game but why close to studio at a point when the game is as far along as Wipeout is reported to be? Why take the original developers who have probably been working on this title for over a year and bring in someone else? Truthfully Wipeout 2048, the most recent release by the Studio Liverpool and a launch title for the Vita, hasn’t been doing gangbusters as far as sales go having sold just over .16 million copies (according to http://www.vgchartz.com/).

Maybe Sony doesn’t think that the futuristic racing genre is viable anymore, but whatever the reason I’m heartbroken. I own a copy of every Wipeout game released to date and always anxiously awaited a new one. Not any more I suppose. So while I cry myself to sleep another night, I’ll keep my Vita close by my side to race through a number of pristine futuristic cities at break neck speeds just to remember the good old days.

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Killzone 3 multiplayer going standalone, free to play for a bit



According to the Official Playstation Blogcast Episode 013 this week those of you who just want to play multiplayer and don’t want to bother with “stories” and the such are in luck. This Tuesday Killzone 3 multiplayer will go free to play until a level cap. Then after that as reported by Joystiq there will be a price tag of $14.99 to keep progressing.

This is a pretty bold move by Sony. It’s been a while since Killzone 3 was launched so this could be a neat opportunity to bring some new players into the fold. However does this mean a precedent that some day games could be piecemeal?

As someone that missed Killzone 3 I’ll be checking it out and I’ll be curious if this becomes a new way games are released or sustained over a long period of time.

Sources: Joystiq and Official Playstation Blog

Happiness is a bajillion warm guns: Dubsteppy goodness in the new Borderlands 2 trailer



Gearbox knows what we want from more Borderlands; we want guns and a lot of them. In this pretty awesome trailer get to see the new characters Salvatore, Mara, Axton and Zero  killing a whole lot of dudes and being rewarded with loot. The updated old classes and skill trees look pretty interesting as does the new “gunzerker” class, I don’t even know what that means but I want it.

Also hey Claptrap ole buddy it’s good to see you again!

We can kill lots of dudes with 3 other friends  and get lots of guns on September 18th in the USA (21st internationally) on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


Griefed! Podcast: Game of the Year 2011


The week of Griefed! is coming to a close, but there is still one podcast I have left to share with everyone. This was the first one Alex and I did that got us back into the swing of things. There was a long break between this one and the previous talkshoe podcasts of old, I guess this is like the start of season 2 or something. Recorded…sometime at the end of December in 2011, and featuring an all Lightning Crabs soundtrack, enjoy the GOTY 2011 Griefed!

Griefed! Podcast #1: Sequel Fatigue


griefed-logoBecause no one asked for it, no one wants it, and no one cares, we deliver! Wanna hear friend of the site Alex and myself ramble on and on about video games for almost 2 hours? No? Well if you ever do want to, it’s here. Welcome to Griefed! everyone, our new weekly video game podcast. Each week we’ll discuss a new topic. This week: Sequel Fatigue. Recorded on January 25th 2012 and featuring the song Portugese Man-o-War by Lightning Crabs.