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Griefed! Podcast #14: SEX (in video games)


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Who’s that knocking at your door? That’s right it’s the lastest edition of the Griefed! Podcast! This week we turn the lights down low, open a bottle of wine and discuss sex in games, Say Anything, TLC, Fez, The Witcher 2, The Walking Dead, Legend of Grimrock and things get REAL weird on this episode of Greifed! Recorded on April 25th 2012 and featuring the song Tigs Clapping One by Lightning Crabs.

Griefed! Podcast #11: Platformers


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Another week another Griefed! This week Alex and I jump around through our favorite platormers of all time, as well as talk about Mass Effect 3, Lumines, Slayers, X, Bubble Gum Crisis, PAX and a whole lot more on this episode of Griefed! Recorded on April 4th 2012 and featuring the songs Tigs Clapping One by Lightning Crabs.

Griefed! Podcast #7: Co-op


co-op splinter cell conviction
screen shots of Splinter Cell Conviction from xboxpluse.com

Wow it’s been almost 2 months and Alex hasn’t left for a different podcast yet! We must be doing something right! Join us for a discussion about co-op in games, me doing terribly at game trivia, Tony Hawk, pirates and much more on this episode of Griefed! Recorded on March 7th, 2012 and featuring the song Badwy by Lightning Crabs.

Lana Del Rey done better by people other than Lana Del Rey


Who would have thunk a song called “Video Games” would have fans turn into songs really related to video games? Kotaku over the last week or so has posted links to some great takes on Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games.”

The video up top comes from Jenny Bede who channels Del Rey into a forlorn Princess Peach crooning about settling for Luigi (aw cmon guys he isn’t so bad, he traps ghosts)and letting Mario go. It incorporates everything from” Mario Kart” to ”Super Mario All Stars.”I can honestly say I’ve never heard the phrase “frog suit” be so touching.

Then we have the take from chiptune maestro Leeni doing an 8 bit version.  This one recreates everything (video down below) with some great bleeps and bloops.

Bottom line both surpass the original in my opinion. I know we’re all sick of Lana Del Rey by now (love her or hate her) but the more chip tunes and narrative sad Mario related songs the better.

Now if someone could only do the Goo Goo Doll’s “iris” from the perspective of Toad.

Article Sources 1 and 2 from Kotaku

Leeni on Bandcamp

Griefed! Podcast #3: Morality


This weeks Greifed!! Hot off the presses! Join us won’t you for a discussion on the morality in games, Home Improvement, Ed TV, Final Fantasy XII-2, Kingdoms of Amalur and lots more! Recorded on 02-08-12 and featuring the song Dead of Night by Lightning Crabs.

Griefed! Podcast: Game of the Year 2011


The week of Griefed! is coming to a close, but there is still one podcast I have left to share with everyone. This was the first one Alex and I did that got us back into the swing of things. There was a long break between this one and the previous talkshoe podcasts of old, I guess this is like the start of season 2 or something. Recorded…sometime at the end of December in 2011, and featuring an all Lightning Crabs soundtrack, enjoy the GOTY 2011 Griefed!

Griefed! Podcast #2: Protagonists


What!? A double dose of Griefed! in one week? That’s right. Expect the Game of the Year one shortly. But for now Alex and I discuss protagonists in games, motorcycle gangs, and as always Tony Hawk, in additon to whatever else comes up. Recorded on 02/01/12, apologies for the Skype issues at the beginning it gets better about 30 minuets in, and featuring the song Nathaniel the Coal Miner by Modern Major Generals.

Griefed! Podcast #1: Sequel Fatigue


griefed-logoBecause no one asked for it, no one wants it, and no one cares, we deliver! Wanna hear friend of the site Alex and myself ramble on and on about video games for almost 2 hours? No? Well if you ever do want to, it’s here. Welcome to Griefed! everyone, our new weekly video game podcast. Each week we’ll discuss a new topic. This week: Sequel Fatigue. Recorded on January 25th 2012 and featuring the song Portugese Man-o-War by Lightning Crabs.