Trouble in the Secret World


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It’s no secret that (via Funcom is disappointed with the sales their new MMO The Secret World has drawn in. Only 200,000 copies since the game debuted at the end of June. They recently opened up the world to everyone for a weekend in hopes that people would come back, but it doesn’t seem like it paid off as much as they would have hoped.

In an e-mail sent out to players who signed up for the free weekend but didn’t decide to purchase the game after Funcom asks:

What would make YOU buy The Secret World? Let us know!

With a link to a survey to take about the game. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it does sort of seem like begging. I understand that after a weekend of more intense server activity than the game typically sees you would want to retrieve all the data possible from anyone who was on the service, what worked, what didn’t and so forth.

But it just seems odd to me that they would phrase it in such a way that they are asking you what you want to buy. It’s like a prostitute propositioning you on the street corner while walking back from the food store. Ok maybe not, but it’s still awkward to be incredible upfront and desperate for people to buy your game. I understand that they want to make a game that people will talk about and play persistently, and of course make some of the money back from what was no doubt a long and costly dev cycle, but just a questionnaire saying something like, “How did you like your experience!” would be sufficient.

And all of this close to the news that (via BioWare GM Matt Bromberg doesn’t know if switching to Free to Play will save Star Wars: The Old Republic…

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