Yet Another Reason to Tell Activision to Go Fuck Themselves

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Angry Birds has become one of the biggest bite sized/casual games in history, due in part to the minimal entry fee of somewhere between $0 and $1, not to mention continuous updates the game and additions to levels.

So, naturally, Activation is putting this on a disc, as Angry Birds Trilogy, for PS3 and Xbox 360 and selling it for $40 ($30 for the 3DS version) and plans on releasing pay-for DLC updates (via Alright, paid for DLC is not something that’s going to go away and even the Android and iOS versions of Angry Birds, so I’m not angry about that although at the steep price tag set you would expect everything included.

$40 ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Why (here is the official word from Because they can, that’s the only reason I can see. They shoe horned in 3D support, but that’s a bonus (in this one man’s mind) and not a selling point, something that they give you to try out because not everyone will be able to take advantage of said 3D support. Forcing people who cannot use a piece of your game to pay for it anyway, go fuck yourselves Activision. The addition of motion controls… is not worth that amount of money. Wreckateer cost $10 and was a recent release during the Xbox Summer of Arcade with basically the same drag, aim, shoot style of gameplay. There is also surround sound, go fuck yourself, Activision, no one I know even plays Angry Birds with the sound on. It has 19 new levels even though it’s missing over 100 levels from the original games, so go fuck yourself, Activision. Now there are cinematics so you can watch…the birds… and the pigs…in full motion…just go fuck yourself, Activision. It’s in 1080p, well that’s cool but not worth the money, so still go fuck yourself, Activision. There are unlockables like concept art and achievements which are NOT special features and therefore CANNOT justify a higher price tag, again, go fuck yourself, Activision.

Obviously this game isn’t for me, but I’m sure it will sell. I think it would have done better, and been better justified, as a downloadable game on either PSN or Xbox Games Marketplace, but this is for the hardest of the hardcore Angry Birds fans. People who want to have the physical media as a skull of honor, I can understand and respect that. Activision will take advantage of these people because they can, and the fans will pay for it. At least some of them will. And hey, if it doesn’t sell all that well, you’ll probably have a collector’s item that might be worth as much as double what you paid!

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